Meadow Street

Meadow Street District Has Shopping, Dining and Lodging Options

Littleton’s busy Meadow Street district offers a different shopping and dining experience than is found on Main Street. Three big box national retail stores rub shoulders with an array of small and medium size businesses that stretch out along Meadow Street as one drives west from downtown. As you can probably guess, the area got its name from the flat land all along the western flank of the Ammonoosuc River, which was once meadowland.

In the Meadow Street district it’s possible to purchase your groceries, fill a prescription, shop for home improvement supplies, purchase a vehicle or have it washed, serviced or gassed up, stock up on paper goods and printer supplies, plan your menu around the offerings at a vegetable stand, try out a couch or easy chair before taking your new furniture home, browse for clothing and footwear, have your clock or watch repaired, and much more! In short, there is a lot to choose from among the businesses dotted along the two-mile stretch of Meadow Street.

The district also boasts a national brand hotel with indoor swimming pool and fitness center, and both chain and independently owned restaurants whose menus range from fast food like pizza, burgers and fries to American and Asian cuisine, as well as a seasonal ice cream and seafood stand.