Moore Dam

Recreational Activities Abound at Magnificent Moore Dam & Reservoir

Anglers who drop their lines in Moore Reservoir might get lucky! The almost 3,500-acre lake teems with northern pike, bass, trout, perch, pickerel and more. Long a favorite of fisherman, Moore Reservoir’s waters and nearly 30 miles of shoreline are also an appealing escape for recreational boaters, paddle boarders, picnickers and swimmers. Several public boat ramps and portage spots for canoeists and kayakers give easy access to the lake.

Just west of downtown Littleton, the Reservoir was created when Moore Dam was completed in 1956. The 178-foot-high dam is the largest conventional hydroelectric facility in New England and the thousands of gallons of water rushing over its spillway are a mesmerizing sight!

Although not completed until the mid-‘50s, the dam had been in the planning stages for many decades. In the 1930s two towns along the Connecticut River were demolished to pave the way for the future hydro project: Upper Waterford, VT and Pattenville, NH. In some spots around the lake, its still possible to see remnants of stone walls that appear to plunge into the water, reminding the viewer that the land beneath the lake was once home to two small villages and their inhabitants.