Pine Hill Trails

Directions: On Main Street head east from the Post Office for three blocks. At Jackson Street turn left up hill crossing High Street to Park Avenue crossing Oak Hill Avenue on to Pine Hill Road where immediately on the right parking for Remich Park is found. Pine Hill Trails start just up the hill on the left. It is the only public trail system within easy walking distance from the village and adjacent to Remich Park.
The trail starts about 100 yards up Pine Hill Road on the left where a sign is set.

Starting through a stand of tall White Pine trees where 100 years ago was a cleared hillside known as Oak Hill Pasture. The path climbs steeply soon crossing the un-maintained part of Pine Hill road. The trail levels onto the ridge of the hill and passes several huge boulders known as glacial erratics left here over 10,000 years ago by the mile thick ice sheet as it moved south. The hill top is soon reached marked by one of these erratics called “Summit Boulder” then it continues descending past Tea Pot Rock to Boulder junction where it turns sharply left quickly crossing the top of the clearing next to the reservoir. Traversing the hill, the path soon returns to Pine Hill Road. Turn left at the sign to return to the park. Trail is a one mile loop, approximately 35 minutes round trip.

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